Memphis Rox


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Memphis Rox, 879 E McLemore Ave, 38106 Memphis, TN


Every Thursday at 6:00pm, starting May 19th – July 14th

how much?

$30 per person and you’ll get this t-shirt.


  1. Climbers must assemble a team of 2 participants. 
  2. All scorekeeping and logging will be done within the KAYA app.
  3. Points are awarded based on KAYA’s handicap system (registered max grade).
  4. EX: If a climber has a V5 handicap, they will receive 100 points for a V5. If they have a V10 handicap, they will receive 100 points for a V10. Each grade deviation is +/- 10 points.
  5. Each attempt after the flash go will result in a 1pt deduction. Competitors will record each flash, attempt, and send in real-time in KAYA.
  6. Climbers will be able to climb League Problems anytime between Thursday and Wednesday of the week they were set.
  7. League Nights will be on Thursdays where the area will be closed to other members for a VIP sending experience.
  8. A problem can only be counted once per person each week.
  9. Climbs “Expire” on Thursday of each week. Leaving them no longer available to collect points for.
  10. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season bash (date TBD).


  1. Points are only earned by completing a problem from start to finish (two hand control of the finish holds).
  2. No “flying starts.” You must show control of the start hold(s) before moving to the next hold.
  3. Every attempt must be from the start. You cannot work the problem from the middle.
  4. If you use a hold or feature that is “off-route,” no points will be earned.
  5. T-nuts in the wall and in volumes are off.
  6. In order to count, your attempts and sends must be witnessed by another individual (member, competitor, or gym staff). If no one is available as a witness, you can video record your send and upload it to Kaya.
  7. Be respectful of your fellow competitors and cheer each other on.
  8. Don’t sandbag. Sandbagging is lame. 


Weekly prizes for top performing team of each division, such as gift cards to local businesses, climbing gear, swag bags, and many more. Climb together and get psyched for our end of league championship event.