38106 ft.

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 …to reach the top!


Indoors or outdoors, wherever there is climbing.


Registration: Dec 1-19

Competition: Dec 27 – Jan 23 

how much?

Registration fee options:


-$50 and includes the following:

– Climb Mount Rox t-shirt, Black Diamond chalk, bucket, and brush

– Discount Codes: 15% off Black Diamond item & 20% off Rox Shop item

About the Competition

Climb Mount Rox 

What is it? At Memphis Rox, we believe in the collective power of communities uniting to uplift one another. Throughout the three years of our existence, we have been climbing many mountains, seeking to diversify the sport of climbing and increase accessibility to climbing and the outdoors. To amplify these efforts, we have our eyes set on another mountain, Mount Rox. We are calling on the climbing community to help us reach the summit at 38,106 feet – to climb higher together. Within this climbing challenge, every boulder problem that you climb will count as one foot and we are aiming to climb all 38,106 ft (or 38,106 routes). The Climb Mount Rox registration launches December 1 with the competition starting December 27. Join us as we prove that we climb higher when we climb together. 

And trust us, the irony is not lost on us, sitting only 338 feet above sea level, the city of Memphis is flat. Hey, we can dream of climbing outdoor routes though, right?? 

Why 38,106 routes? 

Rox is proudly situated in the 38106 zip code, working in unison with neighbors to uplift our community. 

Why should I participate? 

  1. Climbing is rad
  2. Supporting diversity and equity work in climbing is even radder
  3. Rox needs your support to continue serving with the community 
  4. Rad prizes from Black Diamond 

Event Rules 

  • Register between December 1 and December 19 to reserve your spot! 
  • Starting December 27, climb as many boulder problems as you can and track your progress using the KAYA app.  You can download the app by clicking this link on mobile: KAYA Climbing
    • Weekly raffles! Each problem you climb and track, grants you one raffle ticket. At the end of each week, a raffle will be held, and the winners will receive a sweet prizes from Black Diamond.   
    • Help us collectively climb 38,106 boulder problems by January 23. A special incentive will be unlocked for all active participants once we’ve reached 38,106 routes. 
    • Want to participate but cost is an issue? No problem. Email us at donate@onefamilymem.org to receive a waived registration and access code to participate. 


    Top 6 performers

    Climb Package (2 packages)

    Crash Pad (Mondo Crash Pad)

    Climbing shoes (winner’s choice)

    Chalk bag (Mondo Chalk Pot)

    Chalk (300g Black Gold)

    Jacket (Element Hoody)

    Approach Shoes (Fuel)

    Route climbing package (2 packages)

    Pack (Creek 50)

    Rope (9.4 70m Dry)

    Helmet (Vision)

    Approach Shoes (Fuel)

    Climbing Shoes (Individual Choice)

    Jacket (Element Hoody)

    Camp Package (1 packages)

    Tent (FirstLight 2P)

    Lantern (Moji Charging Station)

    Headlamp (storm)

    Jacket (Element Hoody)

    Hike package (1 package)

    Hiking pack (Magnum 16 black)

    Trekking poles (Alpine Carbon Cork)

    Jacket (Element Hoody)

    Headlamp (Storm)

    Pants (Alpine Light Pants)

    2 social media challenges

    Weekly Raffles

    4 backpacks per week – 16 total Street Creek 20 packs* 

    *colors may vary

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