We Climb Higher
When We Climb

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Formed in 2020, the Leadership Rox Corporate Climb program was created two years after the creation of One Family Memphis and Memphis Rox. This leadership development program was crafted to propel the corporate community to their greatest heights, while focusing on meeting the needs of the Memphis community, specifically in the heart of Soulsville.


As the only non-profit indoor rock-climbing facility in the nation, Memphis Rox focuses on going above and beyond a gym for the community members but serving as an extension of family. Our emphasis on family is the bedrock of our desire to help our ever-growing community by using climbing to bring people together, to foster community, and to create a culture of encouragement, empowerment, and accomplishment.


At Memphis Rox, we’re re-imagining currency. No one is ever turned away from Memphis Rox for their inability to pay. Those without the monetary means to climb have full access to our facility in exchange for volunteering at our gym, or at a local charity. It’s not just about money, but manpower; a willingness to give what one can, be it one’s time, talent, or simply an encouraging word.


With your help, we can accomplish so much more. This means we will be able to offer more free meals to those in need, while also providing more jobs and living wages for people in the community. We will be able to enrich our volunteer program and add more workshops and activities to benefit the community. And most importantly, we will be able to continue our mission to revitalize and support Soulsville.


Over the last two years, Memphis Rox created 83 jobs for members of the community, paying $12.00 an hour or more, and served over 38,000 healthy snacks and meals to those in need at little to no cost at all. In addition to providing over 6,000 volunteer hours for the community, Memphis Rox also offered after school programming and mentoring to over 75 youth daily and introduced 177,000 people to rock climbing, yoga and fitness.