Meet Our Team

Alexis Quinn, General StaffAfter-School Program Manager

Amier Cooper, Juice Bar Staff

Armani Brown, General Staff

Asiona Shye, General Staff, 

Asst. to Yoga Program

Becca Ashworth, Development Specialist

Brittany Luckett, General Staff

Camren Mckinney, General Staff

Chelsea Sommer, Routsetter

Corey Smith, Lead Coach

Daniel Arnold, Director of Programs

Darron Johnson, Head Instructor

Erica White, Asst. Juice Bar Manager

Fadi Toutio, Head of Security

Fred Stewart, Juice Bar Manager

Isaiah Henderson, General Staff, Coach

Jared Evans, Director of Gym Administration

Jarvis Dean, Assistant Gym Manager

Jon Hawk, Director of Gym Operations

Josh Jimenez, Director of Routesetting

Jeremiah Burwell, Shift Manager

Kristen Stedman, Shift Manager

Lawrence Crozier, Retail Assistant

Lee Taylor, Juice Bar

Nate Packard, Manager of Marketing and Brand Identity

Mia Fox,  Head Yoga Instructor

Mike McCann, General Staff

Noah Hawkins, Juice Bar

Reginald Johnson, General Staff

Rebecca Erickson, General Staff

Tyler Liggins, Head Coach

Timothy Joyner, Assistant Gym Manager

Veranique Carrick, General Staff

Vermico Grissette, Professional Development Manager

Zack Rogers, Executive Director

Zavier Carney, General Staff

Chris Dean, Creative Director

Jarmond Johnson, Outreach Coordinator

Joshua Cannon, Creative Director

Roshaunda Burwell, Office Manager

Alex Williams, Manager of Marketing and PR 

Thomas Preston, Development Coordinator