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What's Happening at Rox?


Global Climbing Day marks the culmination of the Walls Are Meant For Climbing campaign, a global movement created by The North Face to foster community through the power of climbing. We see walls as a way to unite with one another through the sport of climbing – a sport that requires trust and partnership. Global Climbing Day’s purpose is to encourage us all to work together in an effort to overcome challenges, push boundaries, and build a community united by difference, bound by empathy, and strengthened by understanding. 

For years, the foundation of Memphis Rox has centered on the idea that through the support of community, a person can climb anything — whether it’s on a wall indoors, a rock face in the wilderness, or an obstacle in their own lives.
As we enter our fourth year of Global Climbing Day, we continue to believe in the power of both the individual who is climbing and those supporting them as they ascend.
Memphis Rox is for everyone. For those scaling our walls to those belaying someone they just met for the first time. For when you need to cool down with an ice-cold fruit smoothie, or volunteer some time behind the counter bagging meals for those without access. At Rox, climbing is simply a metaphor for overcoming life’s obstacles, and we believe we climb higher when we climb together.


Sure, yoga is great for centering yourself in your body — but have you tried adding a goat to your practice?

Our goat yoga session in June was a great success and we decided to repeat it in July. Follow our social media to know more about it. 

Level Up Your Climbing

Memphis Rox offers a variety of classes to help you grow your skill sets.


Learn how to top rope belay and lead climb indoors!

Technique Classes

Learn to move efficiently on the wall and master your technique with these classes!

Training Classes

Take your climbing to the next level and learn to customize your training!


Looking to go in depth about a specific area of climbing? Check out our clinic offerings!

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Get a gift card of any amount that can be used to access the gym, buy gear and products or to chow down at Juice Almighty.


Through the Memphis Rox Volunteer Program, individuals can make an impact in the Soulsville community 

while also earning their membership! 

Want to Learn How to Set Routes?

Have you ever been interested in understanding how those holds go on the wall? The Rox setters have the time and place to show you such things. Email if you have any interest in coming to shadow the Rox setters and pick up some climbing knowledge along the way.