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"On Sight" A Memphis Rox story

Filmmaker Brody Kuhar invites audiences to embark on an inspiring journey alongside Memphis Rox youth climbing coach Tye Liggins in "On Sight," a short film about how Liggins found Rox — a climbing gym and community center that stands as a symbol of empowerment and accessibility in Soulsville, South Memphis.

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Florence and Jarmond: A Memphis Rox Story

Through good and bad, Jarmond always knew growing up that he could count on his mom. And Florence knew the importance of a mother's love: It could save her son's life. This is the story of two of Memphis Rox first staffers, Florence and Jarmond Johnson.

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Malik and Demond: A Memphis Rox Story

When Malik Martin met Demond Jackson, he found younger version of himself: a teenager in need of a big brother. See how Memphis Rox brought them together.

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Memphis Rox On Screen


Enormocast 281: Jon Hawk and Tye Liggins of Memphis Rox - Peace Above All

On Episode 281 of the Enormocast, Jon Hawk and Tye Liggins from Memphis Rox join to discuss the mission of the famous pay-what-you-can gym, Memphis Rox, in the inner-city of Memphis, TN

Tom Shadyac unveils plans for Soulsville

Hollywood film director Tom Shadyac promised to be a neighbor like not other to Soulsville after buying two vacant buildings across McLemore from Stax.

Climb Your Way To The Top At Memphis Rox In South Memphis

The vision of Memphis Rox is to create a community of inclusion by fostering relationships across cultural, racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds...

Memphis Rox Climbing + Community: "We Don't Say No to Helping People"

For climbers, Memphis hosts a communal focal point that turns away no one and provides more than just a recreational outlet: Memphis Rox climbing gym...

"Black Ice" documentary follows journey of Black ice climbers

Nothing stands in the way for a group of Black rock climbers from one of Memphis, Tennessee's poorest neighborhoods...

How a Hollywood Director Built a Wall That Brings People Together

An empty supermarket on Memphis’ impoverished southside has transformed into one of the country’s most unusual rock climbing gyms.

Memphis Rox Continues to Serve Soulsville During Coronavirus Outbreak

This COVID-19 virus has showed us that as long as there’s one person that’s unhealthy in our communities, then we’re all unhealthy...

‘Black Ice’ Climbers Are Breaking Down Barriers Into The Outdoors

A group of South Memphis ice climbers are showing what Black adventurers can accomplish when economic barriers are removed....

Black Ice is One of the Best Climbing Films of 2020

It follows a group of climbers from Memphis to Montana for their first ice climbing adventures...

The Meaning of Community: Behind the Desk with Memphis Rox

While being closed for climbing during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the nonprofit climbing gym Memphis Rox has kept busy in the Soulsville community...