Climbing Classes

Memphis Rox offers a variety of classes.

In order to book a class, email Please take a look at our options below. 

Top Rope Class

Free | Offered on an as needed basis 1PM-7PM

Groups larger than 6 must reserve the class 7 days in advance

The Top Rope class teaches beginner climbers how to put on a harness, tie their climbing knots and properly belay (hold the rope). Participants must be 14 years of age or older. The Top Rope Class lasts approximately 45 minutes. Once completed, you and your partner will be free to climb on your own. 

Please see the front desk to schedule your class.

Lead Climbing Class

$60 for members, $80 for non members | Offered on a weekly basis at 6 pm

Take your rope climbing adventures to the next level and learn how to lead climb! This two-part class will teach you everything you need to know to lead climb indoors. You must already be top rope certified and be able to comfortably climb 5.9. 

Technique Classes
Intro to Climbing

$25 | One hour session

If you’ve just started climbing and want to work with a coach on the basics of technique, this session is for you. We will overview the basic footwork drills, how to position yourself on the wall and how to use your core. This session is great for climbers with less than one year of experience or for those who want to refresh on the fundamentals. 
Personal climbing shoes and climbing chalk recommended.

Three Part Technical Basics

$90 | Three, one hour sessions

This three-part course is a comprehensive overview of climbing technique. Each session will build on the last — from footwork to positioning and hand sequences, teaching you to move fluidly and efficiently on the wall. 

Personal climbing shoes and climbing chalk required.

Intermediate Technique / Assessment

$35 | One hour session

Feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your climbing? Are you familiar with basic techniques but think you’d benefit from working with a coach and receiving an experienced perspective? This session is a great way to get feedback on your movement, beta for your project or advice on how to map out your progress as a climber. 

Training Classes
Intro to Training

$40 | One hour session

Ready to train but don’t know where to start? This off-the-wall session will introduce you to the basics of periodized training and help you create a personalized training plan. This is great for intermediate climbers who want to stay injury free while working toward a goal or project. 

One year of previous climbing experience is encouraged, and either the assessment or technical basics course is required before participation.

Four Part Training Course

$120 | Four, one hour sessions

This is the in-depth version of the Intro to Training class, where you’ll work with a coach through the different phases of training. You’ll learn more about how to target each energy system involved in training, how to adapt your fitness and other training methods for each phase and leave each training session with homework for next week. 

Technical assessment or our three-part technique course are required to participate. One year of climbing experience is encouraged. 

Purchase a Training Plan

$75 – $225 | 30 minute consultation

Do you do better following a training plan that’s been set for you? When you purchase a training plan, a Rox Coach will meet with you and tailor a plan to fit your goals. After the first consultation, you’ll receive six weeks of training content, sets and exercises for each day of training and direct access to a Rox Coach who will answer questions and make any needed modifications.

Three-Part Technical Basics course / assessment and Intro to Training are required for participation. 

Short Stature Beta

$60 | One and a half hour session

Are you of shorter stature? Work with one of the Rox Coaches to discuss how your height can be your greatest strength on the wall, what techniques you can bolster your form and how to read routes that favor you. 

Intro to Dynamic Movement

$60 | Two hour session

While it can seem intimidating, dynamic movement typically requires less strength than you might think! This course is designed for climbers who would typically avoid dynamic or coordination sequences and aids you through the process of learning fundamental techniques behind this style of movement. 

Clinics must have at least three occupants, with a recommended six months of climbing experience. 

Using a Spray Board

$60 | One and a half hour session

In this clinic, we discuss the benefits of spray boards and how to use them, different drills and activities that can expand your learning and how to program spray board training into your plan. 

It’s strongly encouraged that climbers have at least one – two years of experience climbing v4+.