Our Program

The Memphis Rox yoga program is dedicated to creating an accessible space for the community to practice body awareness and cultivate mindfulness through breathwork, meditation, and movement. We hope to uplift the community by sharing some of the tools that can be used for self-healing, growth and connection.

Unite the Body, Mind and Soul

Improve balance, flexibility, and strength

Reduce anxiety and stress

Meet Our

Headshot of Lydia Baggett, Certified Yoga Instructor

Lydia Faith Baggett
 Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga has become such a blessing in my life, allowing me to nurture my mind, body, and soul in lovely ways I did not have access to growing up when I needed it the most.”

Public Classes

 $7.00 per class

Tuesday | 6:00PM -7:00PM | meditation

Let’s practice mindfulness, decrease stress and anxiety, and increase self-awareness in this guided meditation class. 

Thursday | 6:00 PM | Yin & Nidra

Come calm the mind, relax the body, and refresh the soul with a meditative 60 minute Yin & Nidra practice!

Friday | 6:00 PM | flow

Let’s connect breath and movement to fully be in the present moment in this 60 minute Vinyasa flow!

saturday | 12:00 PM | Yin

Unwind and glide into the weekend with this restorative 60 minute Yin practice!

All yoga participants must register for each class in advance. 

Can't pay for a class? Don't worry, we've got your back!

For those that are not able to pay the full suggested price for online pre-registration, Memphis Rox has dedicated four pay-what-you-can spots for each scheduled yoga class. These four spots will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis on the day and time of the scheduled class.

Interested in donating a yoga class?

Do you have your yoga certification and want to give back to Memphis Rox? We can help! Please email if you would like to donate a yoga class.