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Thank you for your interest in our facility. Below is some general information about our events. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Everyone entering our facility must fill out a waiver even if they choose not to participate. All waivers for minors must be signed by parents or court appointed guardians. No exceptions. Teachers, Camp counselors, or siblings Can Not sign for minors. A link to the online waiver will be provided below:

Online Waiver


Bookings are done with 2 weeks in advance of the event.

Our max capacity per participant group is 35 people at a time. Groups of 36+ will have to divide your groups by time blocks. Group 1 will climb for a predetermined time, then group 1 will switch with the next group, and so on. 

Checking In

We ask that you bring a list of everyone attending, non-climbers included, so our staff can check everyone in more quickly. If the climbers are new to the gym they will have to go through a facility orientation.

*Climbers must have close-toed shoes while climbing.


You are allowed to bring outside food, drink, and decorations for your convenience

Field Trips
All Field Trips start with a mandatory facility orientation. Field Trips require a 1 chaperone to 10 kids ratio. All chaperones are required to actively monitor their children and must be within 6ft of their kids. Chaperones are not allowed to be in different areas from the kids they are looking after.

*All events are usually held on the first floor in our boulder section unless otherwise specified. 


Our suggested rate is $10 per climber, we do have scholarships available if your group can’t afford the suggested rate. There is no age limit to enter the facility, but there has to be 1 chaperone for every 8 children. Chaperones do not have to pay if they are not climbing. Still, everyone entering the facility must have a waiver signed and validated through email (even if they chose not to participate).

*For non-profits please include Tax Exemption forms as attachments in the email for non Profit rates.

Waivers for minors must be completed by their parent or court-appointed guardian. A link to the online waiver will be provided below.

Online Waiver

Top Rope

Memphis Rox currently does not provide staff belays. Our Top Rope Section would only be available if the group has belayers certified by our staff. If you would like someone from your group to visit us before your group event to take a belay class, you would be welcome to do so. We love educating people about climbing so our classes are free of charge. A full class may take about 40 min to an hour to get everyone trained. After passing the class everyone will be certified for the day. Still, a certification test must be taken at a later date to be sure everyone retains the information from the class in order to be certified for the year.

If you would like to schedule a Belay Class please email our Head Instructor DJ.

Class times
Mon – Fri 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.
Sat – 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm
Sun – 2pm & 4pm


All events are booked and verified through email. Bookings must have a finalized date, timeframe, and the number of attendees
before your group event is confirmed by Rox Event Coordinators.

Thank You! We look forward to your visit!

For inquiries about birthday parties and group events, email us at