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Our Approach

When you join our gym, you don’t just become a member of Memphis Rox, you become a member of our ever-growing community. Your ongoing support will expose hundreds of the city’s youth to a sport they otherwise might miss out on entirely. That’s the mission of Memphis Rox. We aren’t a climbing gym. We’re a family institution that uses climbing to bring people together, to foster community, and to create a culture of encouragement, empowerment, and accomplishment.

No one is ever turned away from Memphis Rox for their inability to pay. Those without the monetary means to climb have full access to our facility in exchange for volunteering at our gym, or at a local charity.  At Memphis Rox, we’re re-imagining currency.  It’s not just about money, but manpower; a willingness to give what one can, be it one’s time, talent, or simply an encouraging word.

Meet Tom Shadyac


Tom Shadyac is one of Hollywood’s all-time leading writer/directors. With credits including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, Patch Adams and Bruce Almighty, his films have grossed nearly two billion dollars. But Hollywood isn’t the only place Tom calls home.

His father, Richard Shadyac, helped found St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital alongside comic Danny Thomas, while his brother, Rick Shadyac, is the current CEO of ALSAC, the hospital’s fundraising arm. Tom’s always walked with a kindred impetus to serve, but a cycling accident in 2007 would forever alter his path. After trading in his Malibu mansion for a mobile home, Tom made I AM, a documentary raising two questions: What’s wrong with the world? What can we do about it?

An answer to the latter question revealed itself when an opportunity to teach, first at the University of Memphis, and later at LeMoyne-Owen College, brought Tom to Memphis in 2013. Simply put, he fell in love.

“The students radiated and demonstrated such depth of soul, perseverance and courage,” he said. “I promised them one semester and never left.”

Tom’s Lemoyne-Owen students introduced him to the persistent challenges and pulsing promise of the Soulsville neighborhood. Soon after he purchased two bankrupt buildings that became Memphis Mountaintop Media: The first major nonprofit film studio where art, recreation, and apprenticeships empower the next generation of artists, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Next Steps...

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber, our state-of-the-art facility has a climb for you. There are no age restrictions and you will not be turned away regardless of your ability to pay. Everyone that enters the facility must complete a waiver. All waivers for minors must be completed by their parent or legal guardian. Please complete your waiver online prior to your visit for faster service.