Corporate Climb

The Corporate Climb program is an experiential, transformational opportunity to reveal the real level of team collaboration and functionality. This is a deep dive look into your team’s communication in a noncompetitive, safe, and fun setting that will quickly reveal, in real time, the dysfunctions and challenges that your team may be facing.

The experience is highly interactive and includes guided instruction by one of our three highly trained and qualified facilitators, that will discover areas of strengths and challenges while having a ton of fun. The program includes tactical initiatives that incorporate behavioral style analysis assessments, team coaching and skill building and more. A tested and vetted method developed by business psychologist Susan Harper, PhD.

Deliverables & Measurables

This unique experience is the blueprint for accelerating team engagement, team motivation, team interactivity and ultimately team loyalty for higher productivity that drives results for more profitability. You can expect a multitude of benefits that include, higher and more effective communication between team members, accelerated interactivity, reducing team dysfunction with measurable results.

Create clearer individual goals and team oriented goals

Build team cohesiveness increasing team satisfaction and retention

Grow team activity and engagement while reducing burn out

Reduce conflict and heighten team accountability

  • Our leadership program is modeled after our mission and core values of rehabilitating, renewing and fostering challenged communities. With the great success we have seen in Soulsville, we knew it was our duty to take our methods to the board room.

  • Our climbing challenges are created to foster group collaboration organically without harsh tactics or force, while also revealing team strengths and challenges without shame or distress.

  • We won’t leave you hanging after the event. We have a 90-day post event action plan to make sure you’re staying accountable and committed to your goals. This includes both one-on-one and group coaching.

  • For us this is personal. We aren’t just trying to change the corporate climate. We’re trying to change to community culture of Memphis. We will leave no rock unturned. Our success is measured by the lives we touch and the people and places we change.

The Corporate Climb program at Memphis Rox is spectacular. My executive staff had its first opportunity to interact and work together at a fun, energizing and inspiring off-site venue in our hometown. We learned a great deal about each other and ourselves. We still talk about that day in our office routinely. I believe OsteoRemedies is a better more cohesive team today than before Corporate Climb!

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