Period Power

                                                  In partnership with sister supply

Our Program

The Period Power Program partners with local non-profit, Sister Supply, to provide menstrual products to women in the community who are unable to afford them. We provide a three-month supply of products at NO COST to those who sign up for the program as well as free menstrual products in the women’s bathroom at Memphis Rox.

If you have any questions, please email

Need Free Menstrual Products?

If you need or would like to register for your very own personal 3-month supply of menstrual products at NO COST please sign up below. THANK YOU!

Call for donations

We are accepting new packages of tampons, pads and underwear. No brand or size restrictions.
Donations can be dropped off during business hours or shipped to the following address:

Memphis Rox | Period Power Program

879 E McLemore Ave

Memphis, TN 38106