What is Bouldering?

Memphis Rox has bouldering routes available for climbers of all experience levels!

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is the most accessible form of climbing we offer. No need for a harness or rope, just grab a pair of climbing shoes and some chalk and you’re ready to go!

Our bouldering walls range from 10 to 13 feet tall. We use a monochromatic system to indicate our boulder problems so that it’s as easy as picking a color and following it all the way to the top. The hueco “V” scale is used as a scale to rate the boulder problem’s difficulty level. V0/V1 is our the easiest level and it increases to V1/V2 and onward.

Bouldering is an excellent social activity that also builds power. We have a variety of problems on multiple types of terrain to challenge you regardless of your ability – ranging from slab (leaning in towards the wall) to overhanging (climber is near parallel to the ground), we have a variety of problems on multiple types of terrain to challenge you regardless of ability. There are pads placed beneath every wall to help reduce the risk of injury. 

 Please ask for “beta”, or strategy from staff or another climber, if you need assistance on a route. Climbing is accessible to all body types, and everyone approaches the wall in their own way.


Bouldering Guidelines

When bouldering at Memphis Rox, please keep the following tips in mind for a fun and safe bouldering practice:

  • No running or horseplay
  • Be mindful of those climbing around you 
  • Use balance, technique, strength and your brain while bouldering
  • Challenge yourself
  • Have fun! 
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Memphis Rox offers a variety of classes for climbers of all experience levels – from technique classes to clinics to help building your own training plan, we offer everything you might want.