What is Rope Climbing?

What is Top Rope Climbing?

Top Rope climbing is a great way for those who are just learning how to climb to get a feel for the sport. When on Top Rope, climbers have a rope connected to their harness. This rope runs through an anchor at the top of the route and back down to the certified belayer at the bottom of the wall. As you climb up the route, your belayer will tighten the rope slack and limit the distance you fall should you lose hold of the wall. 

With 45-foot rope walls and approximately 90 Top Rope anchors in the gym, there’s plenty of routes to climb. We use the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) for rating the difficulty level of routes, and, similar to the boulder problems, we use a monochromatic system to indicate each rope route. The climber just needs to pick a color and follow that color all the way up the wall. 

A Memphis Rox Top Rope Belay Card is required to Top Rope Belay. We offer a free top rope belay class for all climbers. Learn more here. 

What is Lead Climbing?

Lead Climbing is the most advanced form of climbing that Memphis Rox offers. It mimics outdoor climbing by requiring the climber to clip into pre-placed quickdraws as they climb.
At Rox, you’re not allowed to place your own quickdraws. Lead climbing is only allowed in the designated sections, where quickdraws have already been placed.

A Memphis Rox Lead Certification Card is required lead climb and/or lead belay.  Climbers who have been certified elsewhere may take a skills test to receive the card. For those interested in learning to lead climb, we offer lead climbing classes on a regular basis. Learn more here.