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Join us on Kaya in this climbing competition and let’s climb higher together!

Why give to Memphis Rox?

My name is Jarmond Johnson, the Director of Outreach at One Family Memphis. Years before Memphis Rox opened — not just as a climbing gym, but also as a place of community where no one is turned away — from a barber shop to a grocery store, it was places like this that made Soulsville a thriving community, with a bit of hope.

Eventually, like in many low-income communities, the market closed and we watched that building sit empty. Jobs left and Soulsville became a food desert. 

That’s why when Memphis Rox opened its doors in 2018, it meant so much to my community. While most climbing gyms are built in affluent zip codes, Rox was built in the heart of one of America’s most underserved neighborhoods. It introduced black youth to an empowering new sport while providing resources that extend far beyond climbing: A community closet offering essential staples, a juice bar preparing hot, nutritious meals, and a team mentoring youth on and off the wall. 

These crucial services are provided with n economic barriers, meaning that everyone on our campus receives equal access to the same amenities. This is all made possible because of you — the generous donors who allow our mission to thrive. Here’s just a couple of the ways your financial support has helped to impact the Memphis Rox community:

  • Over 13,000 meals were distributed throughout the community as a part of our free lunch initiative that was started during the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to combat food insecurity.
  • The Community Closet has served over 5,200 individuals with essential staples such as hygiene products, household items, and clothing, all on the same pay-what-you-can-afford model that illuminates Memphis Rox. 

I never imagined I’d work on the campus that was so central to my childhood. Every day, I get to look after youth who remind me of myself, just like the folks who once looked after me. One Family Memphis has led with the belief that one life changed, changes us all. At Memphis Rox, that means we climb higher when we climb together. I invite you to join me in this life changing mission once again. With your financial contributions, we’ll continue raising the next generation of leaders through opportunities to dream big and realize their ambitions. We urge you to consider renewing your support for the 2021 year by donating through our Donor Portal or through mail by filling out the attached Donation Form. 

Together we can climb to heights we never imagined possible. Thank you.